Angry Birds Kameez by FSN Dressline!

Contemporary, youthful trends by FSN Dressline with a sporty look and even Angry Birds Kameez!

White and Red butter lawn with hand embroidery in front and elastic gather sleeves. Pure cotton in red color with double pockets in front and hand embroidery at the back. Yellow zipper cotton shirt with velvet highlights and hand embroidery at the side.
Pure cotton in navy blue color with a combination of pleats and loops along with golden buttons. White chiken with a threaded truck at the front, inside-out sleeves and round daaman. Green cotton with pintex and chunky golden buttons, complimented with block printing on the daaman.
Pure peach chiffon with inverted box pleats, a set of golden laces and unique flowy cuts. White cotton with a girl embroidered at the back, glittery sequins and colourful buttons and lace at the front. Pure maroon cotton with lots of gathers at the front and the back with a delicate flower of the same material.

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