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Cambridge – Orange Butterfly Kurti

Orange Butterfly Kurti

Featured Kurti: Orange Butterflies
Location: Cambridge

Dear Farah,

What a splendid day our trip to Cambridge turned out to be. Cambridge, as everyone is well aware, is famed as the most prestigious university in the world… but I never realised what a big affair ‘punting’ was….
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Surrey Hills – Truck Art Kurti

TruckKurti 1

Featured Kurti: Truck Art
Location: Surrey Hills

Dear Farah,

It’s been a while since we did a 10km hike but it looks like we’ve still got what it takes! And boy was it worth it…

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Cheddar Gorge

Local craftsmanship

Dear Farah,

I was going through the photos of our Easter break to Cheddar Gorge last weekend and was rather taken aback by this pic…
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Spring Kurti Colours: Magnolia

Magnolia Soulangenea

Dear Farah, The magnolia have been blossoming which can only mean one thing… Spring is upon us. This magnificent specimen tree is so abundant in London that one can hardly walk down any ordinary street at this time of year, without finding oneself spellbound by a magnolia in flower. Magnolia is commonly an early-spring bloomer …