Ayesha Someya 2017 Pantsuits

Dear Farah,

Just came across these ‘pantsuits’ by Ayesha Someya. I know it’s not what you’re used to but when did that stop you from trying something new and risque.

Looks like designers are picking up on this style following Hilary Clinton sporting them quite commonly whilst she was on the campaign trail. But hey.. let’s not talk anymore on that subject!

And before you tell me Hilary Clinton isn’t your ideal fashion icon, just check out the designs below. They aren’t short of trendy in any way and certainly don’t conjure up a frumpy senatorial image in my mind!

Spring 2017 Gold Pantsuit by Ayesha Someya

Their facebook page describes the brand as based out of Karachi and established in 2008 by Ayesha Sohail and Somaya Adnan. They bill themselves as a luxury brand and judging by their website, these dresses look to be around the $200 mark.

Spring 2017 Blue Pantsuit by Ayesha Someya

Not an easy style to pull off I admit but just the kind of sartorial lines that would be the talk of your next dinner party.

Spring 2017 Black Pantsuit by Ayesha Someya

Ayesha Someya have a website at http://www.ayesha-somaya.com/ but like so many of these pakistani clothing websites, the images are of poor quality and the site could do with some user-friendly additions. I couldn’t even find a search bar by which to find the above items!