All About Farah

Cheddar Gorge

Local craftsmanship

Dear Farah,

I was going through the photos of our Easter break to Cheddar Gorge last weekend and was rather taken aback by this pic…

Magnolia Blossom

Magnolia Soulangenea

Dear Farah,

The magnolia have been blossoming which can only mean one thing… Spring is upon us.

Fes: Mesmerising Moroccan Magic

The magic that is Fes

Dear Farah,

Do you remember that Argan oil we got from the mesmerising Moroccon town of Fes? That was one of the best moisturising creams I’ve ever felt…

Bath – Well Worth the Trip

Farah at the Roman Baths

Dear Farah,

That was some great timing wasn’t it? We left London at what… 9.30am? And made it to Bath, parked up and in the city-centre mosque by 12.30, right in time for Friday prayer?