Magnolia Blossom

Dear Farah

The magnolia have been blossoming which can only mean one thing… Spring is upon us.

This magnificent specimen tree is so abundant in London that one can hardly walk down any ordinary street at this time of year, without finding oneself spellbound by a magnolia in flower.

Magnolia Soulangenea

Magnolia Soulangenea

Magnolia is commonly an early-spring bloomer that triumphantly heralds the close of winter with its sudden burst of colour upon bare wooden branches that have stood lifeless for months.

Common varieties in London include the velvety pink/ purple goblet-shaped flowers of Soulangenea or the white delicate petals of Stellata.

Magnolia Stellata (Star Magnolia)

Magnolia Stellata (Star Magnolia)

If you need more proof, just check out these photos I snapped this morning on the drive into work. There is one particular road which has erupted in a purple haze. It looked so stunning against the clear blue sky.

Lovely Magnolia Tree



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