Pakistani Clothes for Working Women by Andaaz

When it comes to pakistani clothing boutiques, some brands know how to market themselves and some just don’t.

Spend a couple of hours flipping through the plethora of designers, boutiques, cloth houses and small clothing entrepreneurs on Facebook and you can easily spot the ones who know how to launch a new product range of the latest pakistani clothing styles with a bang!..drumming up interest right off the bat.

Take Andaaz Pret-a-Port for example. The photo album of their latest collection reads like a movie cast. The ‘Event Planner’, ‘Hairstylist’, ‘Photographer’ and ‘Makeup Artist’ all get top billing on stylish pictures that are the hallmark of this brand. It’s not just good photography however that makes for good marketing. The photoshoot has a focus, billing itself as the ‘Working Women Collection’.

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