Riffat and Sana U-Collection

Dear Farah,

I came across some more designs by the utterly brilliant Riffat & Sana. These kurtis are part of their Eid collection of semi-formals and are just fantastic.

Just look at the colour gradient in the kurti below, how the dark blue around the neck fades to a sky blue around the waist…

Gorgeous Sky Blue Embroidered Kurti by Riffat and Sana 2016

A hint of orange and it would look like a beautiful sunset. Do you remember when we rushed to the beach to catch that amazing sunset last year?

I also like the black and white one below, although there might be a bit too much embroidery for my liking… what do you think?

Stunning Black and White Kurti by Riffat and Sana 2016

These shirts are actually all available as full suits with a choice of wide or narrow leggings, but I’m sure here in London, they’ll look just great paired with jeans or chinos.

Pale Green Semi Formal by Riffat and Sana 2016