Thredz 2016

Dear Farah,
Check out these kurtis I found on Thredz. I really like the green and yellow one. If it’s sunny this saturday for the bbq, I think it’ll look great on you!

They cost about £30 and shipping to UK will be about another £13, but if you can find a friend who’s interested, shipping drops to about £8.

This one’s quite stylish. I like the way the back is slightly longer than the front.

White Embroidered Kurta by Thredz

This the green and yellow one I was talking about. A little busy, but on those new jeans you bought the other day, I think it’ll look great.

Floral Lawn Tunic by Thredz

This one is a more elegant look. The embroidery on the border looks pretty nice.

Beige Embroidered Tunic by Thredz