Truck Art Kurti

LPK enjoyed a jaunt around the beautiful Surrey Hills, decked out in the Truck Art Kurti.

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Dear Farah
It’s been a while since we did a 10km hike but it looks like we’ve still got what it takes!

TruckKurti 1

The circular walking route starting at Newland’s Corner near Guildford provided stunning views of the Surrey Hills, windy woodland paths that descended into the valley just enough to provide a challenging but not insurmountable climb back up and the eerie yet tranquil calm of the Silent Pool.

View of the Surrey Hills

View of the Surrey Hills

The highlight for me was definitely stumbling across the church of St.Martha-on-the-hill. I’m so glad you insisted we stick to the trail; I can just imagine many a hiker choosing to forego that detour thereby missing out on the picturesque church and the majestic view it commands from the top of the hill as it oversees its parishioners below.

The Church of St.Martha's - Surrey Hills

The Church of St.Martha’s – Surrey Hills

The weather was glorious, the company even better and the ‘Truck Art’ kurti you were wearing is one of my favourites.

TruckKurti 2



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