‘Whimsical’ 2012 by Annus Abrar

If there is one name that is growing on the facebook Pakistani boutique scene, it is Annus Abrar. His ‘Whimsical’ Eid Exhibition held October 14th in DHA Phase VI Karachi was scheduled to last 4 hours but sold out within only 30 minutes!

After the overwhelming response to his collection “Vivacious Me”, Annus Abrar’s second collection “Whimsical” is all about a fresh, vivid and flamboyant color palette with the addition of self-made screen prints and embroidery motifs. Prices range from 3850 to 7500 rupees.

The hype behind the exhibition is in no small part due to the professional photoshoot that gave the karachi style scene a sense of what to expect. Set in an everyday outdoors environment, the colors of the collection brightly contrast with the earthy surroundings and dusky backdrop.

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